Fastest Cars In The World

Speed is a good measure of automotive excellence. Speed brings fun as stated by Aldous Huxley who said speed brings true modern sensation. The following cars are not only fastest in the world, but also they are the most expensive and fun to drive. The emphasis is more on production, races and professions are not needed.

The Hennessey Venom

It combines Elise chassis, a double charged V8 that produces power of 1,244 hp. Last year’s KSC run, Venom GT recorded speed of 270.4 mph hence fastest worldwide. It’s hand-built nature is of discussion of whether it’s a production car.

Bugatti Veyron

The most expensive car on the lists. Veyron initially sold at a price of $1.7 million. Veyron had an engine of power 1,000 hp. Veyron remains in the Guinness book of records the fastest world’s production car with 254 mph speed.

SSC Ultimate Aero

World-widely, Aero recorded fastest with a recording in 2007 a speed of 256 mph. Ultimate Aero has a more than 6.3-liter engine that produces 1287 hp and does not provide aid to drivers electronically to control the power.

Saleen S7

S7 was America’s first mid-engined supercar produced from 2000 to 2009 whose performance is a legend. The reasons behind its legacy being its design model, the excellent performance, and the potential. S7 is light and has a powerful V8 engine producing 550 hp which allows acceleration.

Koenigsegg CCR

Before Veyron, Koenigsegg was the fastest in the world. In 2005 in Nardo Ring competition in Italy, the Koenigsegg CCR attained 242 mph. The CCR has a carbon body with a V8 design.

Aston One-77

One-77 is the fastest and ever fast road-going Aston. One-77 uses V12 which produces 750 hp power. The car has a look and feels luxurious and well-rounded. It is also the only front-engine car among the fastest cars. Has a speed of 220 mph and its production is limited.

Jaguar XJ220

Fastest production car in 1992 of speed 217 mph. The original version is a V12 engine with both wheel drive. However, its production had to undergo some transformation to have a twin-turbocharged V6 with a rear-wheel drive.

Ferrari LaFerrari

Just like the McLaren’s cleverness and speed is the Ferrari’s. It is of a V12 6.3-liter which is merged into a crossbreed system. LaFerrari gives its driver 950 hp to handle and also provides instant reaction to electric motors for better performance.

Bugatti Chiron

Chiron is a successor of Veyron’s recording highest speed of 261+ mph. Chiron does not need a professional for operation since its modeled in a way that it can adjust the machinery once speed decreases or increases for excellent performance. The Chiron will feature a leather interior with a sound system with an excellent diaphragm in each speaker.

McLaren F1

It is the former fastest car possessing a speed of 241 mph and cool features like the driver’s seat at the center and a fiber body with engine bay lined with gold. In 1995, the F1 took part in a racing competition, of which it emerged the winner of 24 hrs. Le Mans.

McLaren P1

F1 was succeeded by the McLaren P1 of speed 217 mph. McLaren P1 has a high tech with 903-hp hybrid a blend of V8 power turbocharged and electricity that made the car excellent performer.